Staff Directory

Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-683-0571.

All classes are on Edsby, you can also reach our staff via Edsby message. 

Ms. J. Alty Kindergarten 40969
Ms. S. McCrone Designated Early Childhood Educator  
Ms. L. Groe Kindergarten 42341
Ms. J. Zwegers Designated Early Childhood Educator 40977
Ms. K. Gregis Kindergarten  
Ms. K. Tiangco Designated Early Childhood Educator 42278
Mrs. N. Ratz Kindergarten 40956
Ms. A. Jarand Designated Early Childhood Educator 40959
Ms. K. Blades Grade 1 40194
Ms. D. Italiano Grade 1 40689
Ms. R. Russell Grade 1 40247
Ms. N. MacPhail Grade 1/2 40512
Ms. D. Jennings Grade 2 40921
Ms. A. Walo Grade 2 40967
Ms. C. Lavoie Grade 3 40982
Mr. J. Kattathara Grade 3 42492
Ms. R. Russell Grade 3 40247
Ms. M. Aves Grade 4 42497
Ms. W. Simpson Grade 4 40965
Ms. C. Leroux Grade 4 40608
Ms. C. Grant Grade 5 40945
Ms. M. Noble Grade 5 40946
Ms. A. Wilson Grade 6  
Ms. D. Joly Grade 6  
Ms. S. Chow Grade 6/7  
Mr. P Martin Grade 7 40951
Mr. S. Sabadin Grade 7 40949
Ms. K. Canning Grade 8 40948
Ms. S. Hartley Grade 8 40944
Mr. K. McAleese Grade 8  40394
Madame Senay French 40960
Madame Gunthardt French  
Madame. Schular French  
Ms. A. Graham-McGrogan Teacher-Librarian & Curriculum Coverage 40939
Mr. M. Prior  Curriculum Coverage - Music 40319
Ms. S. Ferron Curriculum Coverage 40627
Mrs. K. Fairlie Program Support Teacher  41014
Mrs. F. Porco Program Support Teacher 41131
Ms. F. Seles  Educational Assistant  NA
Mrs. L. Castellano Educational Assistant NA
Mr. A. Gardner Educational Assistant NA
Mrs. A. O'Brien Educational Assistant NA
Ms. C. Thompson Educational Assistant NA
Ms. K. Parker  Educational Assistant NA
Ms. I. Gnizduik Educational Assistant NA
Ms. R. Cantle English as a Second Language Teacher 42060
  Hearing Services Itinerant Teacher  
Mr. D. Ko Chief Custodian 53107
Mrs. J. Murtagh Administrative Assistant  53100
Mr. J. Linhares Vice-Principal 53102
Mrs. D. Assenza Principal 53101